PanRet In Love


Just now I give thanks to You Lord…

I have faced so many times a peristiwa…

PANRET is one of my precious serve to You…

I love them!

I love the Core Committe : Reni, Ribka and Vania

I love the Event Organizer : K’Desi, Mettha, Corazon, Cyntia, Damayanti, Faithy, Fevrina, Sandro

I love the Consume Team : Loretta, Andrico, Janet, Mega, Novelyn, Selviana

I love Logstran Team : Van Basten, Bella, Denny S, Jastri, Pahlevi, Romy L,

I love the Effort Fund : Verawati, Briggita, Esti F, Immanuel, Puyun,

I love the Publication, Decoration and Doccumentation : Motto, Dedy M, Jhon P, Natanael, Tunggul, Novita

I love Prayer Team : Me, Dora, Aldha, Raisa and Welem…

And I love the SC : Togi and Christabel…

Lord,,,how I love them cause You… \\(“,)//


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